This website is about to go blog. 

Why? Mainly because, I’m a fan of Textpattern as blogging and CMS software. I’m officially making this site the primary vehicle for developing my skill with it.

A company with good talent will always see its workforce putting together new resources for added productivity. My stint as a manager for Einstein Industries. definitely put a capital “I” on that idea. We were always seeing web designers make up new productivity tools. While this phenomenon demonstrated great intention, it also bred inefficiency when it wasn’t managed. Textpattern provided just the right tool for making the most of our creative cornucopia.

Someday I’ll write an article arguing that information is a life form in and of itself. For now I’ll just say that it’s like a banzai tree. It has no intrinsic shape or size, but when cultivated it becomes a thing of beauty. To cultivate information we must encourage it to grow, trim it back when necessary, and build structures along which it can advance.

Textpattern provided just such a structure at that company. Every time an unruly information source sprang up, we had a place to direct it. At times we’d find that the purpose of the new resource was already addressed in the Textpattern blog. Other times we would find that the new resource could supplant a section of the blog. In this way, any new contributions had a natural tendency to shine a light on outmoded practices. That was a crucial step in the development process, because abandoning stale technology is almost as important as developing new techniques. Think of pulling weeds from a garden to give the vegetables a place to grow.

To me, information is a bonsai tree. I sculpt the tree by revising it’s content. Textpattern is the pot it’s planted in. A central place for editing, trimming, cultivating…

Grey wagtail by Lip Kee